Synthetic diamonds are widely used on replica watches

Diamonds are artificial, also known as synthetic diamonds, grown in the laboratory. This diamond is generated and made by simulating the characteristics of a diamond generation in artificial conditions. It is basically the same from natural diamonds in terms of chemical composition, crystalline structure and physical properties. At present, many countries in the world pay fake watches great attention to the technology of synthetic diamonds and are beginning to be widely used in synthetic diamonds.

In the past, due to the narrow perception of people, many believed that artificially shaped precious stones were fake and worthless. In fact, this idea was wrong. Back in 1916, Japanese gemologists proposed the classification of gems. For many years, gemologists in the country and abroad have made different classification schemes based on the application of precious stones, commodity values, gem class, mineral and rock characteristics, and so on, but they are not uniform and impartial. In order to better regulate the jewelry market, China began to implement the National Standard for Decoration fake rolex and Jewelry Industry in 1995 (GB / t-16552-1996). Definitions and classifications, jewelry and jade are handed.